Small details of the use of fork attachments

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-04
Forks should also be very common in forklifts, and they are also important load-bearing components of forklifts. In the process of use, special personnel are required to command and take extra care. When using fork fork, the fork distance should be suitable for the width of the load, the fork should be inserted under the load as far as possible, and the minimum gantry should be tilted back to stabilize the load, while preventing the load from sliding backward, and the gantry can be lowered when the load is lowered. Lean forward a little to safely drop the load and pull out the fork. During driving, it is not allowed to lift or lower the forks arbitrarily, turn on the slope or drive across the slope, and it is not allowed to use the forks to overturn the pallet to unload the goods. It is not allowed to use a single fork to work or fork goods with inertia force, and it is not allowed to use brake inertia to slip round or easy-to-roll goods. The fork attachment is equivalent to a manipulator mounted on a forklift, making the forklift a multi-purpose and efficient material handling tool. Only through the use of details can we truly improve our logistics efficiency.
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