Six factors that must be considered when choosing a truck

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-13
Nothing more than the following factors, the following Ji Sude will share with you the problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of purchasing hydraulic trucks: 1. The first choice is to start with the low height of hydraulic trucks, and the pallet height in the national standard The general elevation height is 185mm, and various manufacturers of national standard manual hydraulic trucks have also achieved the lowest low elevation. Generally, when the hydraulic truck is placed at the lowest point, the height is 85mm and 75mm. The height of the fork of the manual hydraulic truck from the ground can reach 51mm, and some even 35mm, which is a special requirement. 2. Secondly, check the width of the fork of the truck. The key judgment is to see the size of the pallet you use. Under normal circumstances, the standard size of manual hydraulic truck trucks is divided into two types: one, wide truck 680*1220; second, narrow truck 550*1150, two types of trucks are suitable for you, depending on the pallet size currently used The size is up to you. 3. The process of hydraulic vehicle cylinder again. At present, all manual forklift companies use two types of hydraulic cylinders, one is an integrated cast cylinder, and the other is a welded cylinder. Of course, both have their own advantages. But in terms of craftsmanship, manufacturers are different, and there is likely to be a huge gap in quality. 4. Wheel material configuration. Generally, the wheel material can be divided into polyurethane and nylon. This needs to be used according to the different selection of the site. The ground and mine are better, and the ground is relatively smooth can use polyurethane wheels to pull and save effort. If the ground is not good, and the road is concrete or asphalt, or even worse, use nylon wheels, which are light to pull up, and they are flexible to rotate and have a certain degree of wear resistance. Besides, ordinary hydraulic vehicles are not made of the above two wheel materials. There are other configuration materials, such as polyurethane coated nylon, aluminum alloy coated plastic, bakelite wheels and so on. 5. Fork steel plate material thickness. Generally, a better standard 3.0-ton manual pallet truck uses a 4mm thickness steel plate, while the thickness of some steel plates plus paint thickness is less than 4mm, or only 3.5mm, more Some even can only reach 3mm, which is the standard of a 2-ton manual pallet truck, so purchasers must pay attention to this matter to prevent manufacturers from cutting corners in exchange for the price advantage, which is also very irresponsible to consumers. Such a truck is also very prone to failure in subsequent use. And there will be problems in the future after-sales service. 6. Deadweight tonnage. Generally speaking, the national standard manual pallet truck has four kinds of deadweight: 2.0t-2.5t-3.0t-5.0t. However, according to the segmentation of market demand, the manual hydraulic trucks manufactured by some manufacturers also have six types of loading capacity: 1.5T, 2.0T, 2.5T, 3.0T, 4.0T, and 5.0T, which gives the market more Selectivity also covers low, medium and high tonnage operation requirements. Customers can solve their own use problems according to their actual needs.
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