Should small electric forklifts choose tubeless tires or ordinary tires?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-02
Should small electric forklifts choose tubeless tires or ordinary tires? Compared with traditional small electric forklifts with a single configuration, nowadays, as the public has higher and higher requirements for travel, higher-end small electric forklifts have become the first choice for daily travel. Many high-end small electric fork models often choose tubeless tires as their standard equipment for quality assurance, which is also a key factor that many consumers look for. So, what exactly is a vacuum tire? What are the advantages of tubeless tires compared with ordinary tires or solid tires? In fact, the so-called vacuum tire is that it is directly joined and sealed compared with the traditional ordinary tire. There is only a tire and a wheel, and there is no combination of an inner and outer tire. Generally speaking, the surface of the vacuum tire is made of rubber material, which will self-seal due to the pressure generated after inflation. Therefore, compared with traditional ordinary tires, if vacuum tires are accidentally punctured, they will not immediately deflate like ordinary tires. Vacuum tires will remain for a certain period of time after puncturing to ensure the safety of small electric forklifts traveling at high speeds. Another advantage of vacuum tires is that because there are no inner tubes and linings, vacuum tires have excellent wear resistance and heat dissipation. When small electric forklifts are driven at high speeds, the high temperature generated by friction will quickly dissipate, so the service life is Will be longer than traditional wheels. Of course, such excellent vacuum tires will be more expensive than ordinary tires in terms of cost and price. However, considering the demand for high-end small electric forklifts from the public today, it is recommended that you choose to buy vacuum tires that meet national regulations. High-quality small electric forklifts are the choice of Meiji.
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