Share tips to improve the efficiency of forklift batteries

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-26
Share tips for improving the efficiency of forklift batteries In order to avoid the trouble of replacement and repair due to frequent accidents of forklift batteries, today we will introduce some tips for you. Doing these points can greatly improve the efficiency of the use of forklift batteries in Dongguan. The first thing to pay attention to when purchasing a forklift battery is to carefully check the battery electrolyte ingredient list. The water must be distilled water and the electrolyte level is 15 mm below the protective plate. Then pay attention when charging the battery, the positive and negative poles of the Dongguan forklift battery cannot be connected to the power supply incorrectly. And remember to remove the lid, because the air does not circulate on the surface, causing the local temperature to be too high. After charging, seal the outlet with tape and wax. There are also many places to pay attention to the storage of batteries. First, there should be no electrolyte residue outside, the environment should be dry and low temperature to avoid sun, rain, wind and rain, and no conductive objects should be placed nearby to avoid accidents. It should be noted that the current of the battery cannot be placed upside down and inclined during use, otherwise the electrolyte will overflow and cause danger. The current provided exceeds its maximum current value to avoid high-load operation.
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