Semi-electric stacker to launch new models

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-10
We are in this era of rapid changes in information and technology, and the speed of product updates is also accelerating. We must learn to keep pace with the times, change to adapt, and to achieve innovation in order to achieve innovation. Although all-electric stackers occupy a large market share in the electric forklift industry due to their convenience, speed, and small passages, semi-electric stackers are still very useful in warehousing and logistics due to their own flexibility and durability. widely. The new semi-electric stacker has a more competitive advantage than its counterparts in terms of performance parameters. It is also reflected in the ultra-thin curve design of the vehicle body, a small turning radius, and a firm body; the chain steering action is light, flexible, and more flexible. Labor-saving; rear wheel protective cover, more effective to ensure the safety of operation; high-quality vehicle materials, bright color; no noise, no pollution, long working time for one-time charging, reliable performance. It can greatly improve the efficiency of cargo handling and stacking, and reduce labor intensity. I believe that the new semi-electric stacker will bring you a personal experience of comfort, convenience, environmental protection and durability.
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