Selection criteria for diesel forklift trucks

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-01
The use of' target='_blank'>forklifts brings great convenience to warehouses, factories, etc. So what selection criteria should be paid attention to when using diesel forklifts? 1. The flammability should be moderate. The ignitability of diesel oil refers to the ability of diesel and air to form a combustible mixture to ignite and burn by itself, usually expressed in 'cetane number'. For light diesel oil used in internal combustion forklifts, the cetane number is generally 45-60. If the cetane number is too low, the diesel engine will work rough and it will be difficult to start in winter; if the cetane number is too high, the diesel injected into the combustion chamber will catch fire before it can be fully mixed with the air, resulting in incomplete combustion and the exhaust of the internal combustion forklift. Black smoke, decreased power and increased fuel consumption. 2. Must have a certain viscosity. The purpose is to ensure that the plunger couplers of the fuel injection pump are well lubricated under the premise of good spray and complete combustion. 3. Suitable evaporation. The evaporation of diesel is expressed by the temperature at which 50%, 90%, and 95% of the distillate are distilled, which reflects the performance of diesel from liquid to gas. The lower the temperature, the better the evaporability. In order to ensure the normal operation of the internal combustion forklift, the editor wants to carry that when the temperature allows, you can try to use diesel with a high freezing point, which can improve economic benefits. For this reason, the freezing point of diesel oil is usually about 5°C lower than the local low temperature. Different brands of light diesel oil are basically the same because of their performance indicators except for the freezing point. Therefore, in the case of insufficient containers, oil consumption units can be mixed and used without affecting their quality.
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