Second-hand electric forklift maintenance knowledge

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-10
Second-hand electric forklift maintenance knowledge 1. Routine maintenance, after each shift. 2. Level 1 technical maintenance. After 100 hours of cumulative work, one shift is equivalent to 2 weeks. 3. Secondary technical maintenance. After 500 hours of accumulated work, one-shift work system is equivalent to one quarterly. Routine maintenance 1. Clean the dirt, soil and dirt on the second-hand electric forklift. The key parts are: the fork frame and the main frame slide Road, generator and starter, battery pole fork, water tank, air filter. 2. slj1125zd check the fastening of each part, the focus is: fork frame support, lifting chain tightening screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pins, brakes, steering gear screws. 3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the steering gear. 4. Check for leakage, focusing on: various pipe joints, diesel tanks, oil tanks, brake pumps, lifting cylinders, tilt cylinders, water tanks, water pumps, engine oil pans, torque converters, transmissions, drive axles, main reduction gears , Hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder. 5. Check the tire pressure: if it is insufficient, it should be added to the specified value to confirm that there is no air leakage. Check whether the tire contact surface and sides are damaged, and whether the rim is deformed. 6. Check the brake fluid and water volume: check whether the brake fluid is within the scale range, and check whether air is mixed in the brake pipeline. When adding brake fluid, prevent dust and water from mixing. When adding water to the water tank, use clean tap water. If antifreeze is used, the same antifreeze should be added. When the water temperature is higher than 70℃, do not open the water tank cover. When opening the cover, put a thin cloth on it and do not twist the water tank cover with gloves. 7. Check the engine oil, hydraulic oil and electrolyte of the second-hand electric forklift truck: first pull out the oil dipstick, clean the dipstick head, insert it and then pull it out to check whether the oil level is between the two scale lines. The oil level in the working oil tank should be between the two scale lines; if there is too little oil, air will be mixed in the pipeline, and too much will overflow from the cover. The battery electrolyte should also be between the upper and lower scale lines. If it is insufficient, add distilled water to the top line. 8. Brake pedal, micro-motion pedal, clutch pedal, hand brake inspection: step on each pedal to check whether there is abnormal dullness or jamming. The force of the hand brake handle of the second-hand electric forklift should be less than 300N to confirm that the hand brake is safe and reliable. 9. Inspection of belts, horns, lights, meters, etc.: Check whether the belt tightness of the second-hand electric forklift meets the regulations, there is no adjustment margin or breakage and cracks, which must be replaced; the horns, lights, and meters should be normal and effective. 10. Remove the sediment from the oil filter.
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