Scope of application of push-pull

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-16
Forklift is a tool we often use in warehouse transportation. The push-pull produced by the push-pull manufacturer is an important part of the forklift. Today we will take a look at the application of the push-pull. The ejector is suitable for various smelting industries. It can safely and efficiently push the goods into the high-temperature smelting furnace from a long distance, so as to ensure the safety of the operator and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The hydraulic components are reasonably designed, so that the hydraulic system can be well protected and the service life can be increased; the one-time forged fork is safe and durable, and is not easy to deform; each joint part adopts an oil-free lubrication system, which is easy to maintain and increase the service life; the overall structure is reasonable , wide field of vision, dexterity, easy to operate; can use the fork to carry goods without disassembly; can be equipped with any forklift. The push-pull device is suitable for pallet-free handling and loading and unloading of bagged and boxed goods such as fertilizers, plastic pellets, feed, cement, and decorative materials. It has unique advantages.
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