Safety rules for the use of forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-08
As a machine that is often used in production, forklifts require a series of precautions for use. Today, forklift manufacturers take you to understand the safety rules for using forklifts. Safety rules, daily maintenance and operation rules The first forklift safety rules: driver training and induction; no smoking or near open flames when checking fuel or filling; it is strictly forbidden to lift when the gantry is tilted forward; ;Sudden braking or sharp turns are strictly prohibited. Article 2 Daily maintenance: check the engine oil level; clean the air filter element on time; ensure that the fuel is clean and water-free; pay attention to the cooling water level; the engine radiator should be kept clean; Rod cleaning to prevent rust; pay attention to gear oil level. The above is the relevant knowledge explained by professional forklift manufacturers. For more knowledge about forklifts, please visit our company website.
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