Safety requirements for forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-12
For the use of forklifts, we must pay attention to safety issues, such as the rotation of the rollers should be flexible, and the rollers and shafts should be free of cracks and defects. In addition, what other aspects are included? The fork frame shall not be severely deformed, the welding seam shall be de-welded, and the surface shall not have cracks or welding seam opening. The height difference between the left and right fork tips shall not exceed 3% of the length of the horizontal section of the fork. Moreover, the positioning of the fork should be reliable, the supporting surface and positioning surface of the fork hook should not have obvious defects, the matching gap between the fork and the fork frame should not be too large, and the movement should be smooth. The connection part between the hoisting cylinder and the gantry should be firm, and the hinge between the tilting cylinder, the gantry and the frame should be firm and flexible, and the matching clearance should not be too large. The oil cylinder should be well sealed, without cracks, and work smoothly. It is strictly forbidden for people to stand up and down the forks, and it is not allowed to use a single fork to pick up high-overload goods. Forklift drivers with forklift driver's licenses are required to avoid multiple drivers for one forklift.
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