Safety precautions for loading goods by forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-22
When using a forklift to load goods, we must strictly follow the operating specifications to ensure the safety of people. This is what we should understand before using it. First of all, when the forklift forklifts the goods, the forklift should be aligned with the goods, put down the fork, tilt the front of the car slightly forward, and slowly drive the car forward. Then, stick the forks into the bottom of the cargo, whichever goes smoothly. It is also necessary to adjust the position of the forks to keep the goods in a balanced state, try to make the forks close to the outermost edge of the goods, and the two forks are in the middle of the goods. In addition, when the forklift is transporting goods, the goods should be inclined to the fuselage or the machine column to ensure the safety of emergency braking. The use of these forklifts, I hope to be helpful to everyone, and our company also has many forklifts, welcome to choose.
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