Safety precautions for electric pallet forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-13
Safety precautions for electric pallet forklifts: 1. Only authorized operators can operate electric pallet stacking forklifts after training. 2. When a fault occurs, the electric pallet forklift must be stopped, a 'danger' or 'failure' sign is hung on the vehicle, the key is removed, and the management personnel are reported. 3. When charging, put up a sign: 'No fireworks'. Charge in a well-ventilated place, open the hood and open the battery cover when charging to release explosive gas. 4. When the charger is in use, the shell needs to be grounded reliably. During the charging process, do not unplug the power switch or battery plug, otherwise the plug and electrical components will be damaged. The workplace should be equipped with a fire extinguisher. 5. Regularly check the forklift oil and fluid leakage, deformation and looseness of the electric pallet forklift. 6. The working surface of the electric pallet stacking forklift truck should be flat, and it is not allowed to drive on inclined and uneven roads. Tidy up the workplace, sweep away gravel, sediment, wipe away oil stains, water stains, and remove obstacles. 7. Before operation, be familiar with the curve diagram on the load curve sign, understand the relationship between the rated load and the load center distance, and never allow overloading. 8. The goods are not allowed to deviate from the center of the fork, and the operations of emergency opening, emergency stop and sharp turning are not allowed. 9. When the goods loaded by the electric pallet forklift are too high and affect the line of sight, there should be a guide to guide or let the goods run behind. Load uphill, the cargo should run ahead. Do not make turns on ramps. Do not allow the battery to be fully charged before charging. When the double flashing lights of the battery indicator flash, it needs to be charged in time.
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