Safety measures for hydraulic lifting platform

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-04
Safety Measures for Hydraulic Lifting Platforms my country’s 'Safety Production Law' clearly stipulates that production and business units shall conduct safety production education and training for employees, ensure that employees have the necessary safety production knowledge, and are familiar with relevant safety production rules and regulations and safe operation procedures. Master the safety operation skills of this position, understand the emergency response measures for accidents, and know your own rights and obligations in terms of safe production. Practitioners who have not qualified for work safety education and training are not allowed to work. One of the safety measures for elevator equipment is the installation of explosion-proof valves. The explosion-proof valves are often used in heavy-duty hydraulic lifting platforms. They are composed of a valve body, a compression spring, a slide valve and a retaining ring. The sliding valve in the cavity is connected, the sliding valve is limited by a retaining ring embedded in the valve body, the top of the sliding valve is provided with a through hole, the bottom of the sliding valve is a plug, and the cavity is connected with the inlet and outlet of the valve body. An anti-cracking valve is installed close to the oil cylinder near the oil port (the oil port is also made). When the hydraulic pipeline ruptures, the plug seals the inlet of the valve body and cuts off the oil flow from the oil cylinder to prevent the oil pipe Sudden rupture occurred and fell out of control accident. Generally, as long as the qualified hydraulic elevators leave the factory, explosion-proof valves are installed on the machinery. The main function of hydraulic elevators is to transport goods and people to the place where they want to send them. The explosion-proof valve of the hydraulic lift is equipped with lift valves in the lift machinery to prevent the lift table from falling out of control accidents quickly, while the console surface is slowly falling. This is the main function of the lift valve. Especially on hydraulic elevators, if there is a problem with the hydraulic pressure, the personnel working on it will be in great danger. The explosion-proof valve of the oil cylinder has a great effect on the elevator. Although it is a small part, the effect cannot be underestimated. At present, every equipment shipped out of the factory is equipped with an explosion-proof valve. This reduces the risk to the staff. Once the oil pipe ruptures and causes the hydraulic elevator to fall too fast, the explosion-proof valve is quickly closed and throttled, so that the hydraulic elevator table slowly descends to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, thereby starting To the safety function. The application of this new technology has made the sales of elevator products very large. The elevator accident highlights the importance of safety training, and once again shows that strengthening the safety training of employees, improving their safety awareness and emergency response capabilities is an effective way to reduce safety production accidents. All production and business units must strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the Work Safety Law, put the safety training of employees in an important position, and conduct safety training for employees on a regular basis. Employees who have not passed the safety production education and training are not allowed to work.
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