Rules for the safe use of construction hoists

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-20
Rules for the safe use of construction lifts    1. Construction enterprises must establish and improve various management systems for construction lifts, implement full-time institutions and management personnel, and clarify the safe use and management responsibility systems at all levels.  2. The driver of the lift should be trained by the relevant administrative department to be qualified full-time personnel, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without a license.  3. The driver should do a daily inspection work, that is, when the elevator runs for the first time in each shift, it should perform no-load and full-load test runs.  4. Establish and implement a regular inspection and maintenance system, conduct a comprehensive inspection of lifts every week or every ten days, and implement rectifications for hidden dangers detected in accordance with the principle of 'three determinations'. After rectification, it must be reviewed by relevant personnel to confirm that it meets the safety requirements before it can be used.  5. When the ladder cage is used for people and objects, the load should be distributed as evenly as possible, and overloading is strictly prohibited.  6. u200bu200bWhen the elevator runs to the uppermost and lowermost floors, it is strictly forbidden to stop by hitting the upper and lower limit switches.  7. When the driver leaves the hoisting cage for some reason and when he leaves work, he should lower the hoisting cage to the ground, cut off the main power supply, and lock the door of the point box to prevent other undocumented personnel from opening the hoisting cage without authorization.   8. If the wind is above level 6, the elevator should be stopped and the cage should be lowered to the ground.  9. There must be good protection on both sides of the material transportation channel of each docking layer. The floor door should be in a normally closed state, and its height should meet the requirements of the code. No one is allowed to open or stick his head out of the door without authorization. When the floor door is not closed, the driver is not allowed to start the elevator.   10. Make sure that the communication device is in good condition. The driver should confirm the signal before starting the lift. During the operation, no matter whoever sends an emergency stop signal on the floor, the driver should execute it immediately.  11. The lift shall be separately installed with grounding protection and lightning protection devices in accordance with regulations.
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