Rules for the safe operation of electric pallet trucks!

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-05
Rules for the safe operation of electric pallet trucks! 1. Driver requirements: The operator of the truck must undergo professional operation training. Those who are unfamiliar with the vehicle and who have not received professional training should not use it; 2. The rights, duties and responsibilities of the driver: the driver must clarify his rights And obligations, have passed the training of truck operation, and are familiar with the contents of the relevant operating instructions. If the truck used is walk-controlled, the driver must also wear safety shoes when operating;   3. It is forbidden to use by unauthorized personnel : The driver is responsible for the truck during work, he must prevent unauthorized persons from driving or manipulating the truck, and it is strictly forbidden to use the truck to move or lift people; 4. Failures and defects: The truck must be notified and managed immediately if there is a failure or defect in the truck Personnel, if the truck cannot be operated safely (for example: wheel wear or brake failure), then it must be stopped until it is completely repaired; 5. Safe operation and environmental protection: inspection and maintenance operations in this chapter The content must be executed depending on the time interval on the maintenance list; Note: The parts on the truck, especially the safety devices, must not be changed without permission, and the operating speed of the vehicle must never be changed. All original spare parts have been verified by the quality assurance department. To ensure the safety and reliability of the truck operation, only spare parts from the manufacturer must be used. Replaced parts such as oil and fuel must be disposed of in accordance with the corresponding environmental protection regulations.
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