Rules for maintaining forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-15
In order to avoid damage to the vehicle and keep the forklift in good condition, it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance. What should be done specifically? When maintaining the forklift, it mainly includes items such as cleaning, inspection, smoothing, tightening and adjustment. Strict testing methods are adopted to test it. If there is a problem, it must be solved in time. Moreover, the control procedures should be strictly followed, new techniques, new materials, and new processes should be adopted, and parts should be repaired or replaced in real time, so as to improve the matching form and prolong the service life of the parts. In addition, in the maintenance of forklifts, it is necessary to strengthen scientific management, improve the original record and statistical system of maintenance, control the technical state of forklifts at any time, draw conclusions from experience, detect abnormalities, and improve the maintenance quality of forklifts.
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