Requirements for using and maintaining a forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-19
In the process of using the forklift, we must pay attention to comply with the safety operation regulations, and try to slow down the damage speed of mechanical parts. The quality of the supporting facilities for forklift parts should be guaranteed, and various sundries should be prevented from entering the mechanical operating parts to ensure the cleanliness of the forklift parts. When encountering a failure, try to go to a regular repair shop to find personnel for maintenance. Forklifts reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on machinery during operation. The focus is to prevent the intrusion of rainwater and chemical components in the air to machinery. Staff can take corresponding measures according to specific conditions. If it is in summer, the temperature rises, and the high temperature is easy to cause malfunctions to the mechanical operation. Therefore, during the use process, attention should be paid to the cleaning of parts, reduce dust, and ensure smooth mechanical ventilation and heat dissipation. Stop using immediately and even if the fault is eliminated, avoid Don't lose the big because of the small. It is also necessary to regularly check the oil level of the forklift to prevent the forklift from being in poor working condition and serious wear. For electric forklifts, electric stackers, and electric trucks, pay attention to checking the capacity of the battery water and replenish the battery water in time.
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