Requirements for the use of special tools for forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-23
As we all know, the raw materials of self-adhesive barcode paper are all in roll shape. The most primitive handling method is to move or lift manually. Due to the limited manpower operation, many working conditions cannot be solved by manpower. This method is now outdated. Therefore, many manufacturers choose forklifts to replace labor, and use forklifts to insert pallets or directly insert rolls. Forklifts are basically found in every manufacturer. Although the forklift is convenient and fast, it is easy to damage the paper during the process of inserting and removing the paper roll, and the damage of the paper increases the cost. In order to reduce the damage of the paper roll, the paper roll holder is designed to hug the entire paper roll like a human arm without damaging the paper. This tool is currently used by almost all manufacturers. Paper roll clamps belong to the category of forklift trucks. Because the paper roll clamp needs to be used with the forklift, by changing the fork before the forklift to the paper roll clamp, one forklift can also be used for two purposes. Install a quick-change joint on the front of the forklift to complete the dual use of the fork and the paper roll clamp.
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