Repair method of electric forklift drive axle housing

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-15
The drive axle housing is firmly mounted on the forklift frame. Since the drive axle and the frame are rigidly connected, the drive axle will bear most of the weight in fork-lifting or handling and stacking operations, and the road is uneven and the load of the fork is uneven, so the drive axle will bend. , breakage, wear of the bearing hole of the half shaft casing and wear of the journal of the half shaft casing, how can we repair these problems? 1. Repair of the bending of the drive axle housing of the electric forklift When the bending of the drive axle housing exceeds the limit, it should be corrected. When calibrating, the correction deformation should not be greater than the original bending deformation, and the correction pressure should be maintained for a period of time, so that the axle housing has a certain plastic deformation. If the deformation is too large and the bending deformation is greater than 2mm, it can be corrected after preheating, but the heating temperature is not allowed to exceed 700℃. The cast axle housing avoids heat correction. 2. Repair of electric forklift drive axle casing fractures, cracks in the middle of the drive axle casing and cracks on the flange can be repaired by welding. The main points of operation are as follows: (1) To repair cracks by electric welding, the welding layer should be higher than the base metal, but not more than 1mm. After the front side is welded, the reverse side is welded and repaired, and the weld should be smoothed after welding. If the welding repair is on the working plane, the flatness error should not be greater than 0.25mm. (2) After the crack is repaired by welding, the reinforcing web should be welded at the crack, its thickness is generally 4-6mm, and the reinforcing web should be symmetrical with the center of the drive axle housing. (3) If the crack penetrates to the drive axle housing cover or the flange plane of the main reducer, the belly ring should be welded to strengthen it after welding repair. The reinforcing belly ring of the electric forklift drive axle housing cover plane can be reconnected to the outside, and the main reducer housing should be reconnected to the inner surface depending on the permission of the internal space. When welding the reinforcing belly ring, the bolt should be used to press the reinforcing belly ring on the plane first, so as to avoid position movement and deflection during welding. (4) The electric forklift drive axle housing after welding repair and reinforcement shall be re-checked for its straightness error, the flatness error of the shell cover and the flange plane of the main reducer, and corrected and ground to meet the standard. The above is a brief introduction to the repair methods of electric forklift drive axle housing breakage and bending. I hope these methods will be useful to everyone. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to solve it for you!
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