Remember not to carry unfixed or loose goods when using electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-26
Electric forklifts are very popular in the logistics industry. Although its structure is relatively simple, there are still some operating procedures. Regardless of the operation of any kind of mechanical equipment, the first thing to pay attention to is stability, and electric forklifts are no exception. The following forklift manufacturers will talk about the operation of Jiangsu electric forklifts for you. Operational matters of electric forklifts: 1. The vehicle should be strictly inspected before being used. It is strictly forbidden to leave the vehicle with a fault, and it is not allowed to forcibly pass through dangerous or potentially dangerous road sections. 2. It is necessary to pass the examination of relevant departments and obtain the type of operation certificate issued by the government agency before driving the forklift. 3. Before the battery forklift is parked, lower the forklift to the ground and place the forklift neatly, stop and disconnect the whole truck. 4. No people are allowed to stand on the forklift, and no people are allowed to run on the forklift F. 5. Regarding the size Larger cargo should be handled carefully. Do not carry unfixed or loose cargo. 6. Start smoothly, slow down before turning, do not drive too fast, brake and stop smoothly. 7. When the power supply is insufficient, the battery forklift's battery protection The device is automatically turned on, and the forklift forks will refuse the lifting operation and continue to load the goods. At this time, the empty truck should be driven to the charger position to charge the forklift. 8. Regularly check the electrolyte. It is forbidden to use open flames to check the battery electrolyte. 9. Before operation, check the effectiveness of the brake system and whether the battery power is sufficient. If defects are found, they should be treated before operation before operation. 10. Normally , Smart chargers don’t need manual intervention. For non-smart chargers, you can manually interfere with the charger’s output voltage and current. Normally, the voltage output is 10% higher than the battery’s nominal voltage. The output current should be set to the battery’s rated voltage. About 1/10 of the capacity. The above 10 points are the operating precautions of electric forklifts. When we move goods, we do not allow a single fork to move the goods, nor to use the fork to pick up the goods. All the forks are inserted under the goods and the goods are evenly placed. On the fork. When charging the battery forklift, first disconnect the battery forklift working system and the battery, then connect the battery to the charger, then connect the charger to the power socket, and turn on the charger.
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