Regenerative braking of electric forklifts is more simplified than traditional braking systems

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-26
In the factory, we will choose to use electric forklifts for the transportation of goods. From the previous manual pallet trucks to the current electric forklifts, what help has the emergence of electric forklifts brought to the market and our work? Electric forklifts use regenerative braking to reduce mechanical wear. Regenerative braking is a non-contact braking, which is much simpler than traditional braking systems. Regardless of whether the driver brakes by stepping on the brake pedal or switching the driving direction to brake, the electric motor will be in the generator state, and its electromagnetic torque will become a braking torque. This means that the wear of the brake pads is reduced to a lower level. The mechanical wear is greatly reduced, which reduces forklift maintenance costs and lowers operating costs. At the same time, AC motors are more efficient in driving and braking. When braking or reversing, regenerative energy is generated. The stronger the brake, the more energy can be regenerated. The energy storage device of the AC drive system will automatically start when braking or reversing, returning energy to the battery, so that the battery's working time and life are longer. Although some DC-driven forklifts also have regenerative braking, they can only be activated when braking is strong. This also means that part of the regenerative energy is converted into heat when braking. The wide application of electronic computer technology has promoted the emergence of many interdisciplinary advanced design methods, and promoted modern manufacturing technology and testing technology. Fierce international market competition is increasingly dependent on technology competition. All of these have prompted the technical performance of logistics machinery to enter a new stage of development, and Jiangsu electric forklifts are undergoing a huge change. Jiangsu electric forklifts are developing towards both large and small scales. Due to the need for the loading and unloading of diameter-grade timber and the expansion of the use of electric forklifts to mines and ports, large-capacity and high-power electric forklifts are required. At the same time, small projects such as urban ring block protection have increased, and small construction sites , Forestry material handling pan needs to be mechanized, and electric forklifts are also developing towards miniaturization. my country is entering the global international competitive market at a rapid pace. China's logistics forklift manufacturing industry is facing a new situation where opportunities and challenges coexist. Therefore, the continuous development and innovation of logistics electric forklifts is the key. Among construction machinery products, forklifts are widely used in various economic fields. Despite many uncertainties and unfavorable factors, the overall prospects of my country's forklift industry are still optimistic. At the same time, competition in the forklift market has intensified. Foreign-funded enterprises have occupied the high-end market and have begun to attack the low-end market. In the face of development opportunities and fierce competition, the future development of electric forklift products has become the focus of attention in the industry. With the continuous application of electric forklifts, electric forklifts have also been welcomed by many users. However, due to the low price, poor product quality, and inadequate after-sales service, the enthusiasm of Chinese enterprises in improving product quality and technical level has been severely restricted. This leads to a vicious circle of the entire industry chain, which greatly hinders the technological upgrading and development of the entire industry, and is greatly detrimental to the development of international competition for my country's technological progress. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the quality of the entire national technology and industry products. On the other hand, foreign investment exclusively enjoys the entire high-end industrial vehicle market. Due to their early development, foreign-funded and joint ventures have focused on product quality control, strict management levels, and close supply chain management, bringing high-quality and high-volume forklift equipment to the market.
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