Reasons for the shaking of the mobile scissor lift

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-17
The reason for the shaking of the mobile scissor lift. When we use the mobile scissor lift, we sometimes encounter the phenomenon of unstable speed during lifting. What is the specific reason for this phenomenon? Everyone knows the composition and working principle of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is an important part of the scissor lift, which is mainly composed of a motor oil pump, a valve plate, an overflow valve, a safety valve, a hydraulic cylinder, and a hydraulic pipeline. When the scissor lift has the feeding condition, the electromagnetic coil is energized and the attachment clamp arm clamps the smoke box to reach the set value of the pressure relay. The pressure relay sends a signal to raise the smoke box into position, double-station The low conveying part of the shuttle is under the hydraulic elevator, the clamp arm is lowered, so that the cigarette box is placed on the low conveyor. At this time, the attachment clamp arm rises to the highest point. After it is in place, the double-station shuttle will send the cigarette box to the next Before the high-level conveyor, the high-level conveyor goes under the hydraulic elevator, and the photoelectric switch sends out a signal, and the lifting cylinder will lower the attachment to the neutral position, and wait for the beginning of the next cycle. Analysis and countermeasures of unstable lifting speed of scissor lifts. After the scissor lifts are put into use, they can meet the basic functional requirements. From the on-site use, the cigarette packs often fall and the rising position is difficult to detect. The neutral position and rising are difficult to detect. Sometimes there are impact noises, hydraulic cylinder oil leakage, etc. It was observed on the spot that the lifting speed of the lifting hydraulic cylinder was too fast, which caused an increase in the failure rate and seriously affected the production efficiency. Analysis of the reasons for the unstable lifting speed of the lifting hydraulic cylinder. There are many reasons for the unstable lifting speed of the lifting hydraulic cylinder, including design, manufacturing and use. In view of the failure of the hydraulic system, the reasons for the unstable lifting speed of the scissor lift are analyzed: (1) The composition of the lifting hydraulic circuit. Oil pump relief valve, reversing valve, reversing valve, one-way throttle valve (no throttle), lifting cylinder. (2) Establish a speed rigidity analysis formula for the lifting circuit. The flow into the hydraulic cylinder, that is, the flow through the one-way throttle valve. In the formula is the flow through the throttle valve; the throttle valve's orifice shape and hydraulic oil viscosity are related coefficients; AT inlet is the throttle orifice flow Area (lifting without throttling); outlet pressure of the hydraulic pump; P1 is the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder's inlet cavity to increase the area of u200bu200bthe plunger of the hydraulic cylinder; the index determined by the shape of the orifice, the speed of the speed control circuit can be known , When the throttle valve port area is unchanged, the output speed of the hydraulic cylinder will change with the change of the load. The degree of influence of load change on speed is represented by speed stiffness T: As the load increases, the output speed of the hydraulic cylinder of the elevator actuator decreases by a negative number; in order to make the advance a positive number, a negative sign is added to the formula. Substituting a scissor elevator, the greater the speed stiffness of the imported throttle speed control circuit, the better the speed stability of the hydraulic circuit.
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