Reasons and solutions for insufficient power of electric forklift starter

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-16
Electric forklifts work by electricity. In use, if the forklift has insufficient power, it is often because of insufficient power, but there are other reasons that can cause the power of the electric forklift to be insufficient. Solution: 1. It may be that the voltage of the battery is insufficient Solution: charge the battery of the electric forklift, or directly replace the new battery. 2. The power of the starter motor is not enough, the cable is hot, and the copper heads on both sides of the cable are loose. Solution: Compress the copper heads on both sides of the cable and replace the cable with a thicker section. 3. The internal bearing of the starter motor is worn or too loose, and the rotor and stator are rubbed. Solution: Replace the bearing of the starter motor and add grease. 4. The carbon brush of the starting motor is worn too much, and the surface of the copper head of the rotor is ablated or dirty. Solution: Replace the carbon brush of the starter motor and clean the copper head of the rotor. The power system of an electric forklift is a relatively complex component. If you cannot determine the cause of your own inspection, you can directly contact the electric forklift factory to coordinate and solve it. Modification: li (changed on 2020/2/10)
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