Reasons and maintenance methods of electric forklifts suddenly not walking

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-14
Electric forklifts will have many problems after a period of use, such as the sudden inability to walk. What is the cause? How to repair it? 1. First check the forklift battery of the electric forklift to see if there is any voltage. If the voltage is there, check whether the voltage can be used normally. Maintenance method: If the battery has no voltage or the voltage is too low, charge the battery directly. 2. Check whether the lift switch and line of the accessories are loose or short-circuited, and whether the micro switch is damaged. Maintenance method: repair and clean up the line, replace or repair the micro switch. 3. Check whether the lifting contactor assembly is burnt out or the coil is short-circuited or open-circuited. Maintenance method: Repair the platinum contact of the contactor or directly replace a new hydraulic contactor assembly. 4. Check whether the lifting module is burnt out or is short-circuited or open-circuited. Maintenance method: repair or replace the module assembly. 5. Check whether the hydraulic motor has voltage, check whether the motor has short circuit or open circuit and leakage, and check whether the carbon brush has serious wear and so on. Maintenance method: repair the circuit, replace the carbon brush of the motor and the copper head of the motor, repair the hydraulic motor assembly or replace the new hydraulic motor. 6. Check whether the hydraulic pump, multi-way valve, oil pipe and oil cylinder of the electric forklift are damaged. Maintenance method: Check and repair the damage of the hydraulic pump of the electric forklift or directly replace the new hydraulic pump assembly. If the multi-way valve is damaged, repair or directly replace the new multi-way valve assembly, directly replace the new hydraulic oil pipe, and replace the oil cylinder. Repair kit or replace with new cylinder assembly.
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