Push-pull manufacturers introduce the advantages of push-pull

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-17
The push-puller is used to carry the goods placed on the sliding plate, and realize the high-efficiency and low-maintenance handling and stacking operations. It is a very commonly used auxiliary tool. The advantages of the push-pull are introduced by the professional push-pull manufacturer below. First of all, the overall structure of the push-pull device has a wide field of vision, is smart and easy to operate. Secondly, carry out pallet-free loading and unloading operations for goods, and use low-cost sliding pallets to solve the pallet storage space. Thirdly, the alloy fork plate is durable, smooth and smooth, which can avoid the damage of goods in the contact part of the sliding plate during operation. Using highly simple hydraulic components and reasonable configuration, the hydraulic pressure is well protected and the service life is long. Finally, when the forklift works on the wooden pallet, it can be used directly by simply closing the pull plate. No need to disassemble the push-pull. It is very convenient and quick, improves work efficiency and saves time and manpower.
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