Protective measures for driving off-road forklifts in rainy season

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-10
Although off-road forklifts can drive freely in very harsh environments, you should pay attention to the road conditions in rainy days. After heavy rains, the ground will be very slippery, so you must pay attention to the surrounding environment. In addition, drive off-road in the rainy season. What precautions should the forklift take? 1. Parking in the rainy season It is possible to park the off-road forklift in the garage and avoid parking in a wet environment. Saving is very important. If the downtime is long, you need to start the machine and run it once a month and charge the battery. After storing the machine for a long time, wipe the grease off the piston rod and fill all parts with grease. When parking, make sure that the work equipment is kept dry and clean. Rust can inconvenience the machine. Terrain and the car was enough, but the engine parts were under the eaves and had no idea that rain was flowing into the engine. 2. Timely cleaning After driving in the rainy season, the chassis of the off-road forklift needs to be cleaned and lubricated to prevent corrosion. Check whether the drain screw is loose. Even if maintenance is performed, drain the water from the machine to avoid rusting, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine. When working in the rainy season, be aware of wind, slump, humidity and slippage. Be careful when working in the rain. At night, please ensure that the front and rear lights, work lights, dome lights, instrument lights, wipers, etc. of the off-road forklift can work safely.
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