Professional forklift versus traditional handling

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-01
In the modern production and transportation society, the application of special forklifts greatly improves the efficiency of forklifts and reduces operating costs to a great extent. The traditional means of handling have gradually no longer adapted to industrial development. So what are the differences between traditional forklifts and traditional handling attachments? Let's compare them now. 1. High production efficiency and low operating cost. Mechanized handling takes less time than traditional manual handling, reduces labor expenditure and cost, and improves work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of movements of the forklift is significantly reduced, the corresponding tires/transmission gears/fuel consumption, etc. of the forklift are also reduced accordingly, and the operating cost is also reduced accordingly. 2. The operation is safe and reliable, reducing the accident rate. The attachments designed and produced by professional forklift manufacturers for different industrial working conditions are all designed with safety devices, so that the clamped (or fork) goods are not easy to slip off in abnormal situations, such as the pressure maintaining device of the clamps (carrying goods). When the oil pipe bursts, the hydraulic system maintains the pressure, and the cargo will not slip); the end buffer device of the side-shifting attachment, etc., reduces the accident rate. 3. The loss of goods is small. With the help of the special grip/sideshift/swivel features of the attachment, cargo can be transported or stacked or loaded more safely with minimal damage to the cargo. In modern large-scale production, time is money, and the control of time determines the rise and fall of an enterprise. The emergence of forklifts makes traditional handling methods faster and more active. Professional forklifts will be more and more popular among people. .
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