Problems that need users' attention in the lubrication of electric stackers

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-11
Issues that require users’ attention in the lubrication of electric stackers In view of the fact that electric stackers need to be in a good lubrication state before they can operate and use normally, users need to pay attention to the lubrication work in the application. good. In terms of the requirements for lubrication of stacker trucks, if users want to achieve good performance, they must pay attention to the following problems: The lubrication interval should be reasonable: in order to ensure that the electric stacker truck always has a better lubrication effect, The user is required to grasp the lubrication interval when using the stacker, and by rationally arranging the firm time of each lubrication, to ensure that the stacker can be supplied with lubricating oil in time when the lubrication deteriorates to ensure that the stacker is always They are all in a good lubrication state, have been able to run stably, and have achieved good functional performance. Otherwise, the lubrication interval is too short, which will increase the cost of lubrication, resulting in an increase in the application cost of the stacker, and if the lubrication interval is too long, the lubrication effect cannot be guaranteed, which will have a negative impact on the operation of the stacker. Determine whether the lubricating oil needs to be replaced: In terms of the lubrication of the electric stacker, sometimes because the original lubricating oil in the stacker must be contaminated, it will not only fail to provide a good lubrication effect, but also aggravate the wear caused by the operation of the equipment . Therefore, in terms of lubrication, you need to pay attention to check whether it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil, and replace the new lubricating oil in time when the lubrication part of the equipment is seriously polluted.
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