Principle use and maintenance of hydraulic lift legs

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-17
The principle of use and maintenance of hydraulic lift legs. With the continuous increase of the height and the continuous increase of the load capacity of the hydraulic lift, the stability of the chassis at the bottom of the lift is also required to be higher and higher. In order to make the lift more stable during operation, the technicians added Various hydraulic outriggers of different styles are installed. The principle, use and maintenance of various outriggers are briefly explained below. Commonly used hydraulic outriggers include frog outriggers, H-shaped outriggers, X-shaped outriggers, radial outriggers, swing outriggers and so on. (1) Frog-style outriggers: The movable outriggers of this outrigger are hinged on the fixed outriggers, and the unfolding action is completed by hydraulic cylinders. It is characterized by simple structure and light weight, but the outriggers have a small span and are only suitable for Small tonnage crane. (2) H-type outrigger: This kind of outrigger is not commonly used in hydraulic elevators and has two hydraulic cylinders. After the movable outriggers are extended, the vertical legs support the ground when working, which is named after the shape of H. The characteristic is that the outriggers have a large span and good adaptability to the site. It has been widely used at present. (3) X-shaped outrigger: When this kind of outrigger is working, the outrigger is X-shaped, and the space for heavy objects is larger than that of H-shaped outrigger, so it is often mixed with H-shaped outriggers to form front H and back X The style. (4) Radial outriggers: centered on the turning center of the turntable, 4 outriggers extend radially downward from the basin-shaped frame of the frame. It is characterized by good stability and is mainly used in some super large cranes during lifting operations. (5) Swing outrigger: During lifting operation, the outrigger can swing to a position perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the frame under the action of the hydraulic cylinder; in the non-working state, the outrigger should not be too long. Therefore, the spacing of the lateral supports is small. When repairing the support system of the elevator, remove the movable legs first, measure the size of the guide groove, and determine the thickness of the repair welding. When repairing welding, install the rectangular red copper pad with screws and nuts as shown, put the red copper tube on the screws, repair one section, and then move to repair the next section until the welding is completed. For convenience, the electrode can also be bent moderately. But pay attention to the welding repair position must be on the lower surface of the guide groove in Figure 1. This will not affect the stroke of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder and the relative included angle between the fixed leg and the movable leg when the leg is bearing the weight. After welding, use a standard shaft (the shaft diameter is equal to the outer diameter of the rolling sleeve) as a reference for the modification, and it should be noted that the grooves on both sides must be repaired with the same shaft at the same time. Various hydraulic outriggers strengthen the stability of the hydraulic lift. However, if you want to make it play a greater role, you must support it firmly when using the outriggers and pay attention to maintenance.
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