Preparation work before starting the electric stacker

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-06
Preparing work before starting the electric stacker The electric stacker needs to be inspected when it is working, so that the electric stacker can work more stably in actual work and can effectively avoid various mechanical failures. 1. Check the working condition of engine, chassis, working device, hydraulic system, instrument and signal device. 2. Check whether the temperature of the wheel hub, brake drum, transmission, torque converter, gear pump and drive axle is normal. 3. Check the status and tightness of tires, steering and braking devices. 4. Check the height and temperature of the oil, coolant, and hydraulic oil, and check whether there is any leakage of oil and water in the entire vehicle. Doing a good job in the above aspects of inspection can eliminate mechanical failures in time, which has positive practical significance for mechanical maintenance and maintenance. Electric forklifts have more advantages than fuel-burning forklifts. First of all, oil-burning forklifts consume a lot of money. Forklifts are mostly used to carry very heavy goods. As we all know, for the engine, the pressure is too high, and many oils cannot be completely burned, which is very wasteful. Electric forklifts do not need to burn oil, and can also use various circuit equipment more rationally and scientifically to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. Then, the motorized forklift is huge. Motorized forklifts require sufficient space for fuel tanks, engines, operating rods, etc. to be able to perform well. Therefore, they are very large in size. In many cases, their size brings huge troubles to the handling of goods. The most important thing about the electric stacker is the use of lithium batteries, sophisticated circuits, etc., which are smaller in size and more flexible in operation.
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