Precautions when using a forklift to transport boxed goods

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-20
At present, people pay more and more attention to the working efficiency and safety performance of the forklift, and an important means to improve the working efficiency and safety performance of the forklift and at the same time greatly reduce its damage is the forklift attachment. Forklift manufacturers take you to understand how to use forklifts to transport boxed goods. When loading a box, it should be marked according to the center of gravity outside the box. The center of gravity must be located in the middle of the two forks. The depth of the forks should touch all the sleepers at the bottom of the box, and the gantry should be tilted backwards and then lifted up; when stacking, the forks should be laid flat first. , and then put it down gently; if the cargo blocks the driver's sight, the vehicle should be driven in reverse; if the width of the box exceeds the length of the fork, when the mass of the box is less than the lifting mass of the forklift, it is allowed to put a set of teeth on the front end of the fork, and wait until the bottom of the box is horizontal The strips (sleepers) can be fork transported only after they are all placed on the forks. During the operation of the forklift, overloading is strictly prohibited; when the cargo is located at the non-rated load center, the load must be determined according to the load curve diagram (see Figure 2); the cargo center should be in line with the center of the car body, and no eccentric load is allowed.
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