Precautions for using electric pallets

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-03
Precautions for using electric pallet trucks Electric pallet trucks are also called electric pallet trucks in the industry. It is a popular logistics warehouse handling vehicle at home and abroad. The electric pallet truck is powered by a battery, driven by a DC motor, and lifted by a hydraulic power unit; it has the advantages of fast operation, small body, simple and flexible operation, low noise, and no pollution. When using an electric pallet truck, pay attention to: 1. The battery is the power source of the vehicle, and the battery should be charged in time and maintained frequently. Do not recharge when there is no electricity or the battery is too low, nor can it be overcharged for a long time, so that the damage to the battery will be relatively large; 2. The operator must be familiar with the condition of the vehicle before use, and no unsupervised personnel can operate at will; 3. Do not accelerate the vehicle for a long and long distance; 4. Be slow before starting, and then accelerate after a few seconds; 5. When the vehicle is running, do not mistake the 'forward' and 'backward' direction buttons as mistakes Steering button; VI. It is forbidden for vehicles to carry people up; 7. Be sure to observe the surrounding environment and drive slowly when turning; 8. It is strictly forbidden to use in blind areas; 9. It is strictly forbidden to overload or unbalanced cargo; Fully insert the bottom of the pallet to lift; 11. It is strictly forbidden to lower and unload the goods quickly when unloading; 12. When the electric pallet is not in use, the fork must be lowered to the end and stored in the specified place without affecting other operations. Therefore, when using an electric pallet truck, it must be used in a standard manner, and at the same time, attention must be paid to its maintenance and maintenance to extend its service life.
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