Precautions for the use and disposal of electric forklift batteries

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-28
Precautions for the use and disposal of electric forklift batteries 1. Precautions for the use of batteries 1. Once the battery electrolyte is attached, immediately rinse the battery with a large amount of water. The electrolyte contains dilute sulfuric acid, which is corrosive to clothes or skin. If the electrolyte sticks to your clothes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. 2. If battery electrolyte gets into your eyes accidentally, please receive medical treatment immediately. If battery electrolyte gets into your eyes accidentally, please rinse with plenty of water immediately, and then receive medical treatment urgently. 3. When using the battery, please use a safety protective mirror. When performing operations such as exchange and charging of Anhui Yufeng electric forklift batteries, electrolyte replenishment and specific gravity adjustment, please wear rubber gloves, rubber boots, protective glasses, etc. 4. Disposal of accidentally ingesting battery electrolyte. When accidentally ingesting battery electrolyte, you should immediately take a lot of water or milk mixed with egg white or salad oil, and then receive medical treatment urgently. 5. Batteries are strictly prohibited from pyrotechnic batteries because they produce hydrogen, so there is a danger of explosion. Therefore, do not use lighters and other fire sources around the battery. In order to prevent sparks, when the battery and charger cables fall off, be sure to stop the charger or set the switch of the charger to 'OFF'. 6. Do not short-circuit the two poles in order to check the charging status of the battery. 7. The battery terminals should be disassembled from the-terminal, but the-terminal must be finally assembled. When removing the battery, please disassemble the battery lead from the-terminal of the battery. When installing the battery, first connect the battery lead of the-terminal, and finally assemble the battery lead of the + terminal. 8. Do not disconnect the charger from the socket during the power-on process. 9. Do not place metal tools on top of the battery. 10. Be careful not to short-circuit the battery. Do not let the metal directly touch or short-circuit the battery-+ poles. Once the terminal is loose, sparks will be generated due to poor contact and there is a danger of explosion. The terminal must be installed firmly. When removing the battery, confirm the +- pole of the terminal, and be careful not to connect it reversely when reassembling. 11. When turning the battery positive screw, please do not touch the tool to the metal part of the car body, which may cause a short circuit and sparks. 12. Pay attention to the liquid level of the battery. When the liquid level of the battery is below the minimum liquid level, it will accelerate the internal deterioration of the battery of Anhui Yufeng electric forklift. It will not only shorten the life of the battery, but also may cause an explosion. . Please replenish the electrolyte frequently to keep the liquid level between the highest and lowest liquid level. 13. The battery must be cleaned with the cover tightly tightened. When cleaning the battery, the end cover must be tightened. 14. The battery should be charged in a well-ventilated place. Hydrogen is likely to be generated during battery charging and there is a danger of explosion. Please perform it in a well-ventilated place. (The battery filling cover needs to be opened) 15. When charging the battery, please follow the instructions in the charger manual. 16. It is strictly forbidden to pyrotechnics during the battery charging process. The battery is prone to generate hydrogen during charging and there is a danger of explosion. Please do not approach the fire. source. 17. Charging should start when the battery liquid temperature is below 35°C. During battery charging, it is easy to generate hydrogen and heat due to chemical changes. The battery electrolyte can be charged only when the temperature of the battery electrolyte is below 35°C. (When the battery electrolyte temperature exceeds 50°C, please stop charging immediately, wait until it cools to below 35°C before restarting charging.) 18. The battery used in the battery car is a high-voltage vehicle powered by a battery, and the battery voltage is generally equal It is a high voltage above 48V, and there is a danger of electric shock and injury when touched. 19. Pay attention to static electricity when cleaning. When cleaning the upper and surrounding connecting parts of the battery with a dry cloth and duster, or covering the battery with a plastic film, static electricity is easy to generate, which may cause an explosion. 20. Pay attention to the body's static battery inspection and cleaning before cleaning the body that has touched metal at a place far away from the battery, and then start the operation. 2. When disposing of oils, solvents, batteries and other objects, please follow the laws and regulations. When disposing of oil, solvents, batteries and other hazardous materials, please handle them in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Warning When using the overhead guard and counterweight to lift the forklift, the body of the forklift may be damaged and fall down. You must never use it to lift the forklift. When carrying out lifting operations during the transfer process, please use a specific lifting tool for the car body, and please contact our company's sales agent. Disposal of used batteries: 1. The treatment process should be carried out by a qualified organization. 2. During the treatment process, the water, dust and smoke emission should meet the requirements of GB8978 and GB16297. 3. The production operations of recycling enterprises should meet the requirements of GBZ1, GBZ2.1, GBZ2.2 and GB13746. 4. Recycling should meet the requirements of HJ 510-2009 and 431-001-031 standards.
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