Precautions for the operation of electric forklifts during the running-in period

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-17
Precautions for the operation of electric forklifts during the running-in period: 1. In the initial stage of running-in, the new electric forklift cannot handle heavy goods, and overloading is strictly prohibited; 2. Before operation, preheat the forklift, no matter what season it should be. Do. 3. Before each drive, check the forklift accessories: such as engine, gearbox, front axle, water tank, etc., carefully check the leakage of oil and water, and conduct pre-inspection and maintenance carefully and thoroughly according to regulations. 4. Avoid emergency braking and emergency steering, and start slowly. 5. The time to change the oil and lubricate the forklift should be earlier than the specified time. 6. In the absence of external load, do not make the engine of the electric forklift run at high speed. The above are the precautions for the operation of the electric forklift during the running-in period. Doing the above points can effectively improve the service life of the forklift.
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