Precautions for starting a forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-10
Forklift manufacturers remind us to pay attention to checking the appearance of the forklift, adding fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water, etc., for the use of forklifts, we must pay attention to safety issues from the beginning. Before starting, observe the surroundings, and after confirming that there are no obstacles hindering the safety of driving, honk the horn first, and then start. For vehicles with air brakes, the brake pressure gauge reading must reach the specified value before starting. When the forklift starts with a load, the driver should first confirm that the load is stable and reliable. In addition, when starting, you must start slowly and steadily. When driving, the fork should not be raised too high. When entering and leaving the job site or while driving, pay attention to whether there are obstacles in the sky. If the fork is raised too high, it will increase The height of the overall center of gravity of the forklift affects the stability of the forklift and needs to be paid more attention.
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