Precautions for maintenance of hydraulic lift

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-18
Precautions for maintenance of hydraulic lifts During the long-term continuous work of hydraulic engineering machinery, due to the limitations of the working environment and conditions: temperature, dust, vibration, fatigue, wear, and bumps, etc., equipment maintenance is particularly important. Just like a person's body, it constantly replenishes nutrition, maintains life, and fights endlessly. 1. Achieve daily maintenance and maintenance. Daily maintenance requires three routine inspections every day: ① Check whether the fastening connection of each part of the drilling rig is reliable before work. ②Comprehensively observe whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, electricity leakage, etc. during work. ③After get off work stops, a comprehensive inspection must be done to see if any screws are loose and need to be tightened, and oil and water must be added. In short, daily maintenance should be done: cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and tightening. 2. Timely maintenance and good maintenance. For hydraulic machinery that fails, the cause of the failure should first be found out. Common faults include external and internal leakage of hydraulic cylinders. The external leakage is obvious, and the internal leakage should be judged by experience. The oil cylinder is weakly extended, and the closing action of the oil cylinder is fast or slow. After working for half an hour, touch the surface temperature of the oil cylinder with your hand, and the temperature of the internal drain cylinder has increased significantly. At this time, the internal oil seal needs to be replaced to solve the problem. The pressure drop of the hydraulic pump and the drive motor cannot reach the maximum load, and the work is weak. In addition to the drop of the engine power, this kind of work failure is usually caused by the pressure drop of the hydraulic working pump, the pressure safety valve out of control, and the surface of the oil pan in the drive motor. Caused by wear. It should be judged according to the specific situation. The most common is the burst of high-pressure tubing. Don't try to make money when replacing it, and do not use counterfeit tubing. The high-pressure hydraulic pipes produced by regular national manufacturers have steel wire layers and have regular production numbers. 3. Precautions during maintenance work Before hydraulic machinery is repaired, qualified captains must make preparations before repairs. It is best to clean the exterior, and use an air pump to blow clean the outer surface of the machine to remove the external sludge and debris. Choose a good site to facilitate maintenance work. Different manufacturers of hydraulic machinery have different product models and specifications. It is necessary to carefully identify the model number, divide it into categories, and avoid random stringing. The repair of the hydraulic cylinder seems simple, but it is actually the most laborious and time-consuming. The body must be stabilized before disassembly. Do all kinds of safety protection work. Before disassembling the pipeline, release the pressure, drain the oil, and disassemble the bolts. Some oil cylinders have not been repaired for a long time, and it is particularly difficult to separate the oil rod and the oil cylinder, so they have to be hard pulled mechanically with a steel wire rope. Note that special tools must be used when disassembling the piston of the oil cylinder, and it is strictly forbidden to slam it with a hammer to prevent damage to the piston surface and the oil seal ring groove. For some O-rings that are not broken, it is best not to damage them to prevent reuse when there are no new ones. When they are not, you can wrap the raw material tape to continue using. After the oil cylinder is disassembled, it must be cleaned and blown clean, and then replaced and repaired. The internal parts of the oil pump motor require very high precision, and it is difficult for ordinary people to repair. In principle, they will be replaced with a new assembly. If you can’t buy it, you can find some experienced technicians to open and check to see if the surface of the oil pan is strained. Just wear and tear, you can remove the oil pan or valve, find a machine factory with polishing processing ability to repair, polishing can continue to use. If the internal mechanism is obviously damaged, it is declared scrapped and must be replaced with a new one. When assembling hydraulic parts in winter, you need to use hot water to heat it to soften the oil seal and press it in by hand. It is strictly forbidden to use screwdrivers and other metal products to prevent damage to the surface of the oil seal. All oil seals and sealing rings should be coated with butter after the surface is assembled to facilitate smooth assembly. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves when installing the internal hydraulic parts, and keep them clean and hygienic to prevent dust and grit from entering the interior. Usually maintenance is the most important, and air filter is often indispensable. The liquid filter is changed regularly to prevent cold and keep warm. To prevent oil leakage, water and electricity, the life span must be prolonged.
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