Precautions for high temperature operation of forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-16
When working in hot weather, the forklift needs to be filled with grease for summer. In addition, what aspects should we pay attention to? Let's take a look. Clean the dirt of the refrigeration system in time, check the radiator of the heat pipe radiator, and regularly check the tightness of the engine belt. During the forklift operation, attention should be paid to prevent the engine from overheating, and pay attention to the marked reading of the refrigerant temperature gauge anytime and anywhere. Always check the temperature and standard air pressure of the tires. If necessary, park in a cool place and work again after the tire temperature has decreased. It is not possible to use the method of venting air or pouring cold water to reduce the temperature and reduce the temperature. It is very easy to reduce the service life of the tires. Adjust the relative density of the lithium battery electrolyte, connect the vent on the battery cover, and add pure water as needed. High-frequency application should also be prevented. It is recommended that the car should be stopped after 4-6 hours of continuous application, and it should be used after cooling for about 45 minutes in a cool place.
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