Precautions for forklift turning and reversing

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-22
Forklift manufacturers said that during the operation of the forklift, we must pay attention to the operation of turning and reversing, so that we can drive safely. This is what we should understand. When the forklift is turning, it is necessary to strictly control the speed of the vehicle, and it is strictly forbidden to hit the corner. It is also necessary to turn on the turn indicator in advance, slow down, honk, and drive to the right, and pay attention to whether the pedestrians or objects behind the outer side of the steering wheel are in the dangerous area. . Before reversing, you should carefully observe the surrounding and rear conditions. After confirming safety, honk the horn and reverse slowly. Since the vision is restricted by the body position when reversing, the sensory ability is weakened, so reversing should be more cautious. In addition, during the driving process of the forklift, we must pay attention to safety and standard operation, so as to ensure the safety of personnel.
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