Precautions for electric forklifts when starting and driving

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-02
Precautions for starting and driving of electric forklift 1. Before the electric forklift is driven, the driver should first inspect and clean the site and passage to make it suitable for the operation of the electric forklift; 2. When starting, turn on the emergency switch and open the electric lock. Then pull the position of the direction switch, sound, and then start slowly and accelerate gradually. Fast start is prohibited to prevent the motor from burning out due to excessive starting current; 3. When driving, accelerate gradually and do not allow long-term low-speed driving; When the car is empty, give way to the heavy car; 4. It is strictly forbidden to turn the direction switch during driving, only after the car has stopped. Only by flipping the direction switch can the direction switch be reversed. Avoid sudden braking as much as possible. In an emergency, pull down the switch quickly, step on the brake pedal, and stop immediately; 5. Honk your horn when starting and turning, and slow down when turning, downhill, uneven roads or narrow passages. Drive slowly and pay attention to safety; 6. When driving on the road, drive on the right side. The fork lift of the electric forklift should be about 100MMM~200MM, and the mast should be tilted backward; when two vehicles are driving in the same direction, keep the front and back. Distances above 2M; 7. Under normal circumstances, the electric forklift motor and oil pump motor are prohibited from working at the same time to extend the service life of the battery; 8. When the working voltage is lower than the minimum voltage of the vehicle, stop working and charge in time; 9. If an abnormal phenomenon is found during driving, stop for inspection immediately and eliminate the fault in time; it is forbidden to plant people on the forks; it is strictly forbidden to drive with faults.
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