Pay attention to the safety application of forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-02
Forklift manufacturers said that corresponding measures should be taken for the use and maintenance of forklifts, and attention should be paid to maintenance of engines, drives, transmissions, steering gears, etc. Pay attention to cleaning the dirt of the refrigeration system, check the radiator of the heat pipe radiator, and regularly check the tightness of the engine belt. During the operation of the forklift, care should be taken to prevent the engine from overheating, and pay attention to the marked reading of the refrigerant temperature gauge anytime and anywhere. Always check the temperature and standard air pressure of the tires. If necessary, park in a cool place. After the tire temperature is lowered, work again. Do not use the method of releasing air or pouring cold water to reduce the temperature and reduce the temperature. It is very easy to reduce the service life of the tires. Then, adjust the relative density of the lithium battery electrolyte of the battery, and connect the vent on the battery cover, and add pure water according to the situation. Before operating the forklift, the operator should ensure sufficient energy. If he feels bored, dizzy, dull, etc. during the operation, he should stop and rest immediately, or wipe his face with cold water to cheer up his energy to ensure the stability of the driving operation.
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