Pay attention to problems during forklift driving

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-02
Forklift manufacturers remind us that when the forklift is running, the height of the bottom of the fork from the road surface should be kept at 300-400mm. Do not raise the fork too high when driving. When entering and leaving the work site or in the middle of driving, pay attention to whether there are any obstacles in the air. When driving with loads, if the fork is raised too high, the overall center of gravity of the forklift will continue to be raised. height, jeopardizing the reliability of the forklift. When turning, if there are non-motor vehicles or vehicles nearby, signal should be sent, and high-speed sharp turns are strictly prohibited. High-speed sharp turns can cause the car to lose its stability and overturn. When the forklift is in operation, the load must be in a low position that does not hinder the driving. The gantry should be tilted back moderately. The load should not be raised except when stacking or loading. Turn the forklift upside down.
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