Operation requirements of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-04
The operating requirements of the hydraulic lifting platform 1. The hydraulic lifting platform has been overhauled and debugged before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements. It only needs to be connected to the ground when in use. The hydraulic electrical system does not need to be adjusted. 2. Before using the hydraulic lifting platform, carefully check the hydraulic and electrical systems, and use it only after there is no leakage or exposure. 3. When using the hydraulic lifting platform, the four outriggers should be firmly supported on a solid ground (subject to when the walking wheels will leave the ground) sleepers can be used when necessary. 4. The hydraulic lifting platform can only be loaded after 1-3 airlifts. 5. The center of gravity of the hydraulic lifting platform should be as close as possible to the center of the work surface. 6. The movable doors at both ends of the protective railing of the hydraulic lifting platform should be closed and locked before operation. 7. Because users have different requirements for the use of the platform, the control forms of the hydraulic lifting platform are different. Now the hydraulic control systems and operating methods of several commonly used platforms are introduced as follows: Support valve hydraulic control system: First press the motor start switch, The motor rotates, the gear pump pumps oil, (note that the motor does not reverse) the cylinder extends, and the platform lifts; when it is lifted to the working height, (or to the highest limit height, it will automatically turn on the travel switch and stop the lifting automatically. ) Press the motor stop button, the platform stops lifting, and then it can work. When descending, press the down button to turn on the solenoid button. At this time, the oil return of the oil cylinder is connected, and the platform is lowered by its own weight. When it reaches the original position, turn off the power. Emergency switch: Only limited to use in an emergency state. It is used for temporary power outages or power failures when it is rising or working, and when it is falling. (Turn counterclockwise, the hydraulic oil will automatically release the pressure, the oil return of the oil cylinder will be connected, the platform will be lowered by its own weight to the original height.
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