Operation points of forklift running-in period

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-11
When using a forklift, if it is in the initial stage of running-in, be careful not to carry too heavy goods, and it is strictly forbidden to carry overload; The front axle, water tank, etc., should be carefully checked for oil and water leakage, and pre-inspection and maintenance should be carried out carefully and thoroughly according to the regulations. Pay attention to avoid emergency braking and emergency steering, and start slowly. The time to change the oil and lubricate the forklift should be earlier than the specified time. Do not run the engine of the forklift at high speed without external load. Forklift operators should strictly follow the control procedures, adopt new techniques, new materials, and new processes, repair or replace parts in real time, and improve the matching form and the service life of the connected parts.
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