Operating safety requirements for forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-19
Due to the large demand for forklift trucks, there are more matching forklift trucks produced by forklift truck manufacturers. But what needs to be understood is that different attachments play different roles. First of all, at the hinge of the mechanism, a high-strength brass alloy bushing inlaid with solid lubricant is used. Because of its self-lubricating function, it is not necessary to regularly add grease to protect the pin from wear, thereby avoiding the breakage of the pin due to the rapid wear of the bushing. Secondly, the tilting fork adopts an all-steel structure overall frame, which has high strength and can meet the needs of users for high-strength operations. The hydraulic safety lock is installed on the oil road of the forklift to ensure the safety and reliability of all operations of the tipping fork, and minimize the danger that the hydraulic component or oil circuit may cause to the operation of the tipping fork.
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