One trick teaches you to reduce the loss of forklift clutch!

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-17
One trick teaches you to reduce the loss of forklift clutch! 1. The more used the forklift clutch is, the higher it is. 2. The forklift is boring to climb uphill. 3. After the forklift has been operating for a period of time, the smell of burnt strands can be smelled. Electric forklift 4. The simplest detection method is: you can put on the first gear, pull up the handbrake (or step on the brake) and then start. If the forklift engine does not turn off, you can directly judge that the forklift clutch plate should be replaced. 5. Start with the first gear and feel uneven when clutching, the forklift will feel jerky before and after the forklift, pressing the plate, stepping on, and lifting the clutch, it is necessary to replace the forklift clutch disc. 6. The sound of metal friction can be heard every time the clutch is lifted. The most likely cause is that the clutch disc of the forklift has been worn severely. 7. The forklift engine cannot run at high speed. When the front gear or the second gear engine is at a low speed, the accelerator is suddenly stepped on, and the speed rises significantly but the vehicle speed does not accelerate very much, it means that the forklift clutch is slipping and needs to be replaced. 8. Some experienced repairmen or drivers can judge whether the forklift clutch should be changed according to the differences in their daily driving feelings.
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