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Normal warehouse loading and unloading operation process

Normal warehouse loading and unloading operation process


Safety first, light handle light, stacking firm, reserved channel, horizontal look into a row, vertical as column, label outward, arrow up, big pressure small, heavy pressure light, good pressure bad, wood pressure paper, square pressure round, dry and wet separate.

1. Stevedoring personnel must master the division of warehouse area and the specific functions of each area after entering the company.


2. The goods of each customer shall be separated by clearance or other obvious marks to avoid confusion.


3. After entering the warehouse, operators and stevedoring personnel must master the daily maintenance, correct use and management of various handling and loading and unloading equipment.


4. The forklift driver of the company must be able to carry out daily maintenance of the forklift and remove common faults; Loading and unloading personnel must understand the structure, maintenance and use of various trolleys.


5. During the operation of forklift, personnel must be on the side to direct and assist, and other personnel should not be on the side to watch. Special attention should be paid to the safety of personnel and goods, so as not to damage the loaded and unloaded goods and adjacent goods, and to ensure the orderly stacking and smooth placement of goods.


6. Loading and unloading personnel shall not forcibly insert the trolley into the bottom of the stack when loading the goods. In principle, assistance shall be provided to ensure the integrity of the packing of the bottom of the stack; When unloading, the goods should not be quickly stored in place by throwing or kicking.

7. After entering the job, the stevedores should learn how to tie the ropes to the goods and tarpaulin.


8. For the vehicles delivered by customers, the loading and unloading personnel should pay attention to the condition of the carriages and tarpings of the vehicles, and timely remind the customers of any abnormal conditions.


9. According to the characteristics of the goods and special instructions from the unloading operator, the stevedores should protect the fragile, fragile, valuable and precise goods in the process of handling and unloading: lay protective goods on the loading and unloading tools, handle them lightly, place them firmly and neatly, and do not turn the goods upside down.


10. The stevedoring personnel shall immediately report to the loading and unloading operator any quality abnormality (cargo, packing distortion or breakage, leakage, etc.) discovered or newly occurred during unloading.


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