Matters needing attention when using a forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-21
In the use of forklifts, the fork thickness and fork length of the paired two forks should be roughly equal. After the two forks are installed on the fork frame, the upper horizontal plane should be kept on the same plane. The operating rules of the forklift must be strictly followed. We do not allow overloading or long-distance handling of goods when using forklifts; when handling super-long objects or objects whose center of gravity cannot be determined, special personnel should be directed and extra caution should be exercised. When using a fork to fork, the fork distance should be suitable for the width of the load, the fork should be inserted under the load as deep as possible, and the minimum gantry tilt should be used to stabilize the load and prevent the load from sliding backward. When the load is lowered, a small amount of gantry can be used. Lean forward for safe loading and fork extraction. When using forklifts, we are not allowed to use the forks to overturn the pallets to unload; it is not allowed to use the forks to directly shovel dangerous goods and flammable goods; Brake inertia to release round or easy-to-roll goods.
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