Manual hydraulic stacker

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-23
Manual hydraulic stacker 1. The manual hydraulic stacker mast adopts heavy-duty 'C' steel column steel, which is cold-formed. Make the door frame more stoic, safer, flexible to move, convenient and laborious to operate.  2. The hydraulic cylinder of the manual hydraulic stacker adopts high-compact grinding tube, imported oil seal, and integrated valve core, which is convenient for disassembly and repair; the pressure relief method adopts the pedal type, the rising and falling speed is stable, and the safety is greatly improved. 3. The manual hydraulic stacker adopts advanced spraying technology, which improves the surface of the product while increasing the durability of the manual hydraulic stacker. 3. The manual hydraulic stacker is a non-purified manual hydraulic stacker, which has the characteristics of agility in transportation, flexible operation and small turning radius. 4. The manual hydraulic stacker is suitable for use in production workshops, production workshops, stack storage, various car seats, ship ports, airports and other places, especially suitable for use in gardens with fire-proof and explosion-proof requirements, such as printing workshops, various oil depots, chemical stacks, etc. . 5. The manual hydraulic stacker can complete unitized transportation with common pallet boxes, containers, etc., which not only reduces the environment such as collisions and scratches, but also reduces the workload and stacking area, which greatly improves the compliance of the work.
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