Maintenance Tips for Electric Hydraulic Forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-12
The electric hydraulic forklift is designed for the handling of goods in the warehouse. It has the advantages of simple operation and low maintenance cost. In order to maintain a good operating condition for a long time, it is necessary to master the maintenance skills of the electric hydraulic forklift. The following electric forklift manufacturers will briefly summarize for you. 1. When charging the battery, disconnect the charging circuit from the chopper, otherwise it will affect the charging of the charger, and the overvoltage generated by the charger will damage the chopper. 2. Raise the wheel during the first test drive, so as to ensure that even if there is a connection error, there will be no danger. 3. The wiring from the battery to the electric control should be arranged in parallel and as short as possible. 4. Regularly clean the dust inside the DC motor of the electric hydraulic forklift, and check the carbon brushes and springs. 5. The battery is the core of the electric forklift, so it is necessary to add distilled water (pure water) frequently. 6. When the vehicle is operating in a place where the working conditions are bad and the ventilation is difficult, the controller shall be forcedly ventilated. 7. When the electric forklift is not used for a long time, fully charge the battery and set it aside, and keep it charged once every 1-2 months. 8. When operating the electric hydraulic forklift, the driver should try to avoid some unsafe operations, such as: not slowing down when turning, driving when the load is increased, overloading the forklift, and driving on inclined and soft ground. The above are the maintenance skills of electric hydraulic forklifts summarized by electric forklift manufacturers. In daily work, not only must master the operation skills, but also keep in mind some daily maintenance methods and skills.
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