Maintenance of forklift hydraulic system

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-29
The maintenance of the hydraulic system of construction machinery is a very important point for forklifts, and the quality of maintenance is directly related to the service life of construction machinery. For the user, how to avoid the contamination of the hydraulic medium is extremely important. To prevent contamination impurities from mixing into hydraulic oil hydraulic oil, oil drums should be set up in a clean and safe place, and management should be strengthened. The oil drums, oil filters, oil funnels, oil pipes, etc. used should be kept clean. Prevent air, moisture and other impurities from entering the hydraulic system In order to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system, always pay attention to maintaining the designed oil volume in the fuel tank. Generally, the height of the oil level is required to reach 80% of the height of the fuel tank, so as to meet the conditions that the fuel tank has sufficient heat dissipation area and the oil has sufficient circulating cooling conditions. The hydraulic medium pollution of the forklift is generally evaluated by the pollution concentration. In order to minimize the pollution of the hydraulic medium, we should reduce the pollution degree in our daily life and comprehensively treat it.
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